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Sheherazade Thénard

Sheherazade Thénard, born in Queens, New York, now based in Broward/Miami, Florida, holds a Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida (2022). Their work elaborates on the process of healing generational traumas from assimilation and the feeling of being “othered” through reflections on taking space for community healing within family and friends who mirror these experiences. These works are explored through portraits and still lives within the landscape using gestural paintings, drawings, prints, social research, and emotional aesthetics as mediums.

Notably, they featured in a joint show titled “Rootwork: Sowing Seeds” (2023) with ChilliArts Project in London, United Kingdom, and in group exhibitions such as “Hand Written” (2022) and “Sur(Face)” (2023) with Chilli Arts Project. Their contribution was chosen for the “Fresh Squeezed” exhibition by Morean Arts Center (2022).

Outside exhibitions, Thénard expanded their artistic journey through experiences such as The Atlantic Center for the Arts #190th session with mentor Larry Osai-Mensah (2023), being an Art House San Clemente artist in residence (2023), and participating in the American Landmark Artist Residency (2022) in Orlando. Noteworthy recognitions include the UCF Dean’s Fellowship Scholarship (2022) and the All She Makes Grant.

As part of their practice, they are actively invested in uplifting fellow voices with the Afro-Caribbean community of artists through curation. In 2022 Thénard curated the shadow “Bless the Block/ Get it and Come Back” in a project space in Central Station in Orlando and a follow-up show set for exhibition in 2024 titled “Little Islands”.