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Paul Goodnight

United States

Paul Goodnight was born in Chicago Illinois 1946. He was raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and New London Connecticut. After serving in the Vietnam War, Goodnight returned to Boston and pursued a career as an artist. He received his B.F.A. and an honorary M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art. Goodnight’s learning continued under the tutelage of Paul Rahilly, John Biggers, and Chuck Stigliano.

Goodnight’s work has been featured in films such as Ghost, The Preacher’s Wife, and Gone Bay Gone among others, and on many television programs including Seinfeld and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which collectively propelled his work into the mainstream market. His work has been used support the Andre Aggassi Foundation. His work has been collected by Bishop Desmond Tutu, Lionel Ritchie, Maya Angelou, Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snioes, Morgan Freeman, Ed Gordon, Steve Harvey, Illyassa Shabazz to name a few.

“My art reflects a collection of sensuous colors, often revealing mysterious hidden forms. I seek to blend the line between abstraction and representation, with a focus on the human form. Here is where passion and humanity may resonate.”