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Matthew McCarthy


Matthew McCarthy is a Jamaica-based multimedia and installation artist. His work is influenced by the aesthetics of Jamaican music culture, particularly vintage reggae and dancehall. His appreciation of the visual forms emerging from that sphere has provided a touchpoint for expressing his messages in a style that feels familiar to his island home of Jamaica. His career as a street artist has allowed him to form long-lasting connections with various community spaces. He has exhibited globally and aims to continue the rich legacy of the powerful Jamaican storytellers and artists that came before him. In 2019, he was awarded The Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence for his contributions to nation building 

In recent years he has been engaged in a collaboration with the Artist and collector Maxine Walters. Maxine and Matthew have exhibited installations at the Dakar Biennale 2022; and the Prizm Art Fair Miami The “Serious Tings a go Happen” brand Art Week 2022 under the moniker Serious Tings Ago Happen.