La Mano Fria draws on his Latin heritage as well as his extensive background in the arts.His surfaces become as layered as his past, with graphic elements being woven in tape amidst graffiti and screen printing influenced painting techniques, finally culminating in bold and vibrant images that one might easily find themselves lost, or maybe, found in.

La Mano Fria

Costa Rica, Japan, USA

La Mano Fria grew up in the hip-hop and graffiti culture of New York City before relocating to Miami. There, he graduated from IFAC (International Fine Arts College), adding graphic design and typography to his already respected skills as a graffiti writer. Afterwards, in 1996, he launched his own clothing brand ”Rice and Beans”, initially through Bobbito Garcia’s legendary store “Footwork” NYC, and later through ”BEAMS Japan”, while at the same time establishing himself in the international music scene with his socially charged record labels; Beta Bodega, Arepaz and Botanica del Jibaro. 

Currently, he most often splits his time between Japan and Miami where he organizes music and cultural exchange festivals. He has showcased his signature live graphic performances, utilizing various painting techniques, tape, and projected elements in events in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and all over the world. Currently a co-founder of the Tokyo Book Club collective and working with the NFT Street Art platform TOTEMO in Tokyo. His work has been featured in collaboration with companies such as Asahi, Nest Beer, Ford, Minerva, and as album art for notable musicians such as Prefuse 73, Reakwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, Dead Prez, and so on.