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Joanne Hampstead


Joanne Hampstead was born in Hendon, England. At age two, her family moved back to their homeland of Guyana where she spent her early childhood.  They then moved to the U.S. at age ten.   Joanne is self-taught and after many years of trying to ignore her passion for art and design, she finally gave in and started painting 10 years ago.    The lush greens and vibrant colors of her homeland are often evident in her paintings.  Ms. Hampstead’s pieces are usually based on women of color. The subject’s powerful emotions and warmth and vibrancy of their skin is usually Joanne’s signature. The artist’s aim is to give the audience a visceral experience of power and beauty. Each subject reflects a distinct expression of how they approach life/their audience. The authentic nature of people of color is what drives Joanne’s work.