Civilization is not Civil Civilization is not Civil Civilization is not Civil

Horace Imhotep

United States

“I never wanted to be a starving artist; I just wanted to be a good one. I’m a painter, a creator and a dreamer,” artist Horace Imhotep says of himself. After finishing a B.A. from the Florida Art Institute, Horace Imhotep attended Morehouse College and studied art history which exposed him to the context he needed to refine his vision and voice. A Bench Jeweler apprenticeship provided his keen understanding of dimension. On his transition into fashion, “It was time to graduate by my own standards,” says Imhotep, “The world is installation art.”


Through his art, Imhotep attempts reconciliation with the past, recognition of the present, and defiance in taking ownership of the future. This through line is visible in his all of his projects, whether it be acrylic on canvas, fashion or interior design. “I utilize satire, bold color and a contemporary sensibility to arouse social justice, rebuke the commercialization of oppression and elegantly capture the essence of society grappling with the turmoil of a dream deferred.”