Haylie Jimenez’s current body of work focuses heavily on expressive figures drawn on ceramics in various landscapes and locations that are often transitional or public spaces such as in a car, the woods, or a bar, and often at night. The people in her drawings have distinct fashion, including piercings and various hairstyles. The imagery is rooted in realism and indirect memories, creating scenes with the intent to make them feel almost ethereal or unrooted in reality to the viewer.

Haylie Jimenez


Haylie Jimenez was born in Orlando, FL but spent most of her adolescence in rural north Georgia along with her twin. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in May 2020. Her work depicts/centers around black and brown queer femmes, either in normal everyday settings based from her own lived experiences, or sometimes including mythical or magical elements to emphasize certain marginalized realities. Her practice consists of drawings, printmaking, and animation.