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Chantalea Commin


Chantalea Commin is a multimedia artist born in Guadeloupe. Chantalea is Afro Afro-Caribbean and Hindu artist. She studied visual art, at the fine art school in Paris.

 Chantalea has participated in the following art exhibitions and residences:

Cinematographic residency at the Kadioute-Boucotte Bush Museum, Casamance, Senegal, 2005, Caribbean and Overseas Cinema Week, Paris, 2018, Numéris Clausus Exhibition, Fondation Clément, Martinique, 2021, Participation in the year of France in Japan, Kyoto, 2021, PAG exhibition with the Maison de l’architecture Guadeloupe, Mémorial Acte, 2021

Exhibition The risks of art, Atrium, Martinique, 2022, Rome Film Festival, Italy 2023.

Chantalea is collaborating with Krystel Ann Art since 2022. The gallery exhibited her works in Paris, Lisbon and Guadeloupe.

Chantalea Commin is an artist with experimental and protean practices, between real pleasure, financial necessity, and ecological commitment, like everyone else, the creator becomes a DIYer of life, to patch up, divert, to favor diverse and inclusive beauty. Autonomy predominating over consumption. it multiplies the supports and mediums (painting, drawing, video, textiles, installation, and digital painting) responsible consumption is embodied even in the work to depict a world and changing lifestyles, in constant and profound changes.